Mikey Miranda Talks With Us About His Grind, His Brand and The Baseball Club


From the backstop to the storefront. We sat down with Mikey Miranda to learn how he went from being an ex-collegiate baseball player into developing The Baseball Club, a powerhouse e-commerce and storefront business and brand.

It all starts from my cell phone…

Where did you grow up and did you play baseball as well?

I was born in Venezuela and came to Miami at a very young age. I started playing baseball at the age of 4 and played for most of my life. Once I graduated from Florida Christian High School, I attended and continued my career at Manhattan College.

Can you tell us about The Baseball Club?

Yes. We are a baseball brand and store called Baseball World, where we retail all major brands while introducing our brand in the mix. We do all sorts of embroidery, printing, and any customizations for uniforms. We also have a large social media presence amongst all other platforms, where we look to create as much exposure for ballplayers and baseball fans as we can.

Hitting on a little more about TBC, What is your long-term vision for it?

The vision is a long ways away, but the intention is to create a huge platform for baseball players, baseball fans, and baseball families. We want them to be able to utilize it whether it’s for purchasing equipment, recruitment, training instruction or just baseball entertainment. We look to touch base on all aspects of the game of baseball.

What does your regular workday look like?

It all starts from my cell phone. Once I wake up I check emails to see if there are any urgent tasks. I check all my social media and try to post content before I get to the shop. Once at the shop, my sister and I prepare all orders from each of our websites and continue to do so throughout the day. Orders are picked up at 3 pm. In between, we work on any additional orders that need to be placed. In the afternoon we usually go over inventory and plan for the upcoming day, week, month, etc.

What is the most interesting part of your job if you can call it that?

Mhm, great question. My favorite and more interesting part is seeing what location most of our traffic is coming from. Looking at orders and seeing them being placed all over the nation and world, it’s awesome how someone could be interested in something that We are selling. On a social media point of view, it’s interesting to see how different regions of the world react and think about the game.

Can you give us some insight as to what you think makes TBC different than other retailers?

There are a couple points I think that separates us from the rest. I believe the relationship and connection between us and our customers are really strong. Since we are direct, we usually create a relationship with customers on their first purchase, whether it’s a $5 purchase or hundreds. We are always attentive to what the customer is looking for and try our best to satisfy the order.

How do you personally see baseball at this moment in time?

The game itself at a professional level is dominated by the younger generation. Many don’t like the change, but this young generation is the strongest. Ballplayers are being considered “old” at the age of 32-33 while the speed of the game is at an all-time high.

How about the future of it?

As technology continues to improve the game will become more defined. Although debated, a lot of technique and fundamentals are brought down to the numbers on a computer. I believe this will flush out a lot of the flaws of the game.

What do you miss most from playing ball?

Being around the game itself. Being on the field with the team day in and day out. There were no responsibilities, just playing the game and enjoying it.

If you could go back in time and had the opportunity in doing one thing differently, what would that be?

I don’t regret much and enjoyed every second of my baseball career, but if I had to look back and change something it would be my physical preparation. Lifting in the gym more and improving my physical endurance for the season.

We see that you and your company are very active in Social Media but what/who is your favorite Instagram page right now?

My favorite Instagram is apart from the baseball realm. On a business standpoint, it’s @garyvee and all his content towards motivation on running a business. I’ve had the pleasure of getting in contact with his company and have been able to do some content on his recent shoe release.

Where can everyone keep up with you to learn more? (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc)

Yes, here are all our platforms that we can be reached at.





Last Cut: Any last words?
I would like to thank Down The Pipe for this opportunity. I truly appreciate being asked to be a part of this segment. I’m looking forward to creating a great relationship and collaborating again in the future.